The Site Services Department shall take the following photographs in digital format on the first visit to the site:

  • Whole site or building.
  • Site name and information.
  • Present status of hybrid batteries cabinet/shelter.
  • Position of rectifier and SAM2/SAU.
  • Inside of the external and internal distribution boards (with and without the flash plates).

Photographs will be kept in soft copy and marked in accordance with the site identification numbers and site names. Whenever major upgrade of a site is done, the Site Services Department will take new photos on the next site visit to the site and this shall be kept in soft copy.


At the first Base Station Site visit, the Site Services Department shall ensure that no sub-standard systems in respect of any of the Base Station Infrastructure exist as referenced according to the latest Site Technical Specification. In the case of such systems existing, the Site Services Department shall document all the items and arrange for replacement of such items.