Energy Infrastructure Maintenance

STL has a highly experienced portfolio of Operational and Maintenance services available to both the Energy & Utility sectors.

Upgrade & Maintain

A key facet of our work will be to support the delivery of value for money investment projects, underpinned by data models and analytic tools that ensure accurate and robust reporting mechanisms exist to meet stringent regulatory expectations and informed investment decision making, whilst protecting shareholder wealth for our clients.

Traffic Management

Significant practical experience exists within STL to meet the challenges of the new Traffic Management Act and associated compliance work required from organizations acting on behalf of the Statutory undertakers; including TMA Training, Compliance, Performance turn around and Continuous Improvement Service.

Street works

STL has extensive knowledge of the street works processes, customer expectations and critical data/noticing requirements, including development of an operational framework that ensures the total cost of street works including on site occupancy, liabilities, permits compliance and associated arrangements are optimised and continuously minimised for our clients.

Re-instatement Services

We will look to partner with cost efficient organizations that specialise in re-instatement activities and fully meet the increasing compliance demands on waste management; re-use of excavated materials and compliance with street-work notification timelines and penalty regimes.

Highway Networks

STL are developing their skills, playing a key role in proactively co-ordinating road and street works, authorising and licensing works and other activities on the highway, and developing long term policies/ strategies with clients that will positively help reduce congestion and delays.

Street Lighting Management

We continue to build our expertise with Local Authorities in offering turn-key cost & carbon efficient street lighting solutions. Our service portfolio extends from physical replacement work to remote management of the deployed solution set and drive end to end inefficiencies.