Fusion Splicing Services

STL Technologies is capable of supporting your fusion splicing requirements whether they require Singlemode, Multimode, or Ribbon Splicing.

Fusion Splicing Services:

  • Complete fiber optic splicing (Single fiber and/or Ribbon Splicing)
  • Telecom & CATV Splicing
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”
  • Data Center Installation
  • Premise (Office) Multimode

Contractor/Customer Fusion Splicing & Installation Services:

STL Technologies offers nationwide fusion splicing services. We use Fujikura FSM-60S fusion splicing equipment, EXFO OTDR’s and Meters to provide you with complete, documented results. This program is designed for customers who install their own fiber, or use local electrical contractors to install it for them. We also provide loaded fiber distribution centers for complete system solutions. Fusion splicing services are also available for CATV and Telephone Outside plant requirements.

    1. Labor – price includes labor to perform services to include testing and documentation. This price is fixed unit cost.
      4 Splices or Less per Point + Mobilization
      • Engineering Services – Prep per Point (Call for Pricing)
      • Engineering Services – Per Splice (Call for pricing) per Splice 5 to 8 Splices or Less per Point + Mobilisation
      • Engineering Services – Prep. (Call for Pricing) per Point
      • Engineering Services – Per Splice (Call for Pricing) per Splice 9 Splices or More + Mobilization
      • Engineering Services – Prep. (Call for Pricing) per Point
      • Engineering Services – Per Splice (Call for Pricing) per Splice
    2. Travel/Mobilization – Travel/Mobilization will not be charged if the labor for each trip/phase exceeds the minimum labor work as indicated below. If the minimum labor work figured is not met, then the mobilization charges will be included in the project cost. Minimum Labor Work (Call for Pricing) -or- Mobilization Fee (Call for Pricing)
    3. Expenses – daily per diem is included in above price.
    4. Equipment – fusion splicer, OTDR, attenuation test set and tool kit utilization charges are included in labor figure.
    5. Warranty – a two (1) year warranty will be issued on all STL Technologies supplied hardware and services.

* The above price does NOT include hardware.
* The above prices were developed with the understanding that the scope of work quoted is adhered to.

Independent Certification. STL Technologies will certify your installation. We will provide you with OTDR and Meter reading for your existing fiber plant.

STL Technologies and Customer Installation Procedures:

  • STL Technologies provides Pre-loaded Termination Boxes. Customer has Maintenance Department/Local Electrician mount box
  • STL Technologies provides Fiber-Optic Cable and innerduct. Customer has Maintenance Department/ Local Electrician pull cable and leave unterminated
  • STL Technologies fusion splices fiber optic cable, tests and certifies the installation
  • Optional Services (Quoted Separately): Video Inspection with JPEG Images, Bi-Directional Testing, ORL (Optical Return Loss Measurements)