Network Audits

When planning successful investments in IT, it is important to take stock. An IT audit establishes what capacity and infrastructure gaps an organization should bridge in order to successfully leverage IT to drive its business goals. STL offers IT Audit Services to help its customers determine the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the IT infrastructure deployment, applications, skills and competencies, review of IT Organisation, governance and IT related Standards and Policies.

STL Technologies Ltd can conduct the following types of audits for an organization:

Audit Type Objectives
IT Organisation Audit To understand and document the customer’s current IT organization (structure, Organogram, etc). To evaluate the level of end user satisfaction with services provided by IT department to other units with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement
IT Infrastraucture Audit To understand and document the customer’s network, hardware, system software and application software.
IT Skills Audit To carry out an audit of IT skills and competencies (technical, managerial and staff) that are currently available to an organization with a view to addressing any gaps that may exist
IT Awareness Study To determine the level of IT awareness as a potent business tool by the customer and the priority accorded to it
IT adoption Study To determine the level of IT adoption in the line of business processes of a customer (e.g the level of automation of processes) with a view to identifying business process re-engineering opportunities