Network Engineering

The Problem

network engineeringThere’s no denying that video, data and voice communication have become an integral part of our everyday lives.
Communication requires bandwidth, and the current infrastructure that delivers the information is being stretched to the limit. As the demand for bandwidth grows exponentially, poorly-designed networks are failing, leaving companies in the dark and a long line of unhappy customers. Improperly designed, constructed and maintained networks are not only difficult to repair, they are needlessly time-consuming to diagnose, and nearly impossible to manage. Fiber to the home (FTTh) is becoming commonplace, and the need for qualified engineers, technicians and installers who can design, build and manage complex networks is also ever-expanding.

That’s where STL Integration (STL.I) comes in.

STL.I.’s  cumulative expertise is not just comprehensive – it’s the best in the industry. You wouldn’t hire a handyman to build a your house, would you? Of course not! You need the proper team, tools and know-how, and a trustworthy partner who can guide you through the process and ensure your success.

From our initial meeting, where your network needs will be discussed, to the actual “roll-out,” and the continued maintenance of your properly-designed, constructed and monitored network, STL.I. offers a true “one-stop-shopping” experience. Our cumulative knowledge far exceeds industry standards. STL.I.’s alignment with industry leaders, such as, The Fiber School and Precision Rated Optics, ensures that your network needs are not only met, but that every piece of the puzzle is easily available when it is needed – whether it’s network design, equipment and supplies or even training.

The Solution – We Will Guide You

happy peopleSTL Integration’s team of network engineers, installers, technicians and instructors are the best in the industry – bar none. Whether you’re migrating from an existing copper network to a fiber network, designing a fiber network from the ground up, or expanding your existing fiber network, our dedicated, experienced team will guide you through the process. STL.I. prides itself on designing networks that can grow, organically, as the bandwidth and needs change and grow over time. We know what the future technology promises because we’re helping to create it! Our team will begin the process by meeting with you and discussing your current needs, as well as your potential future needs. The result will be a reliable, organized network that is designed to expand as your business expands.

FiberBase-SlideGeospatial Fiber Management

The FiberBase Asset Management Software that A.I. uses literally allows you to view the entire network onscreen, and allows you to zoom in on any area, providing a detailed view of the problem. At a glance, you’ll be able to see what network appliances are involved in the problem before initiating a truck roll.  The use of “geo-spatial” documentation is immensely powerful, especially when combined with in-line fiber monitoring systems (which we also offer). Most importantly, having this level of insight into your network allows you to pinpoint potential problems before they become outages. By locating the source of a problem, down to the nearest intersection, the repair team can travel right to the problem location, identify the problem quickly and easily and save needless truck rolls, time and money. Reduction in outages, of course, results in happier customers.

Managing Your Network

Let’s face it – to be properly managed, a large network needs more than a few diagrams drawn on a cocktail napkin (yes, we’ve actually seen that). To adequately handle the many challenges of managing a fiber optic network, Adtell Integration has formed an alliance with FiberBase. The FiberBase Network Management application allows the user to design and monitor a network, and serves as a key tool in the expansion of an existing network.  With years of experience behind us, Adtell Integration always designs with manageability and expandability first and foremost. Ideally, what we strive for is a “turnkey” solution to your network needs, allowing your own IT or technical staff to easily and efficiently manage the network, regardless of the network complexity or size. Of course, if you ever require assistance in any way, our seasoned experts are always there to assist. We take our customer service very seriously – something you won’t always find with competing companies.

Transform Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

By designing and implementing a fully monitored network, you will not only have a detailed view of your entire network, you will also gain an extensive level of knowledge about your customer base – and knowledge is power. You will see, at a glance, where the network is being over-utilized, under-utilized and where potential problems could arise. This knowledge of your customer base allows your marketing efforts to be far more targeted, providing greater ROI for your marketing efforts. Plus, the ability to keep the network fully functional is essential for customer retention.

Network Expansion

Often overlooked, but vitally important, the ability to see, onscreen, where dark fiber and dead zones exist within your network, allows you to take full advantage of the infrastructure that already exists. Additionally, planning the expansion of the network becomes a much easier, more logical process. You can determine the routing, material requirements and most efficient network architecture before you even initiate the actual project . This level of control and insight saves time, money and resources – something which should be top priority for any company, and certainly for any service provider.

Outside Plant Design

You didn’t think we were going to skip Outside Plant (OSP), did you? Of course we have extensive experience in OSP! In fact, our team of field technicians, installers and repair staff are among the most highly-trained, outstanding and sought-after in the industry. Our reputation is legendary, and our team will assist you with your needs, whether it’s planning expansion, installation, diagnosis or repair. If your are planning network expansion, we will show you the most efficient way to use the resources and pathways available. Through the years, we’ve literally seen it all. Through our alliance with Precision Rated Optics, we even have access to installation and repair kits that fit in a backpack, and allow a technician to go where others cannot – staying on their feet, hands-free and portable.

Our OSP services and design include:

• The cable network (and routing)
• Splice Enclosures
• Network Termination Devices (FTTh)
• Splitters (in splices, cabinets or racks)
• Central office termination devices

Inside Plant Design

Whether it’s network construction, repair or maintenance, our Inside Plant (ISP) technicians are, again, the best in the industry. You won’t have to worry about the job getting done right, because all of our technicians are fully-trained and certified. A.I. is known for always following industry “best practices,” and we do the job right the first time. Plus, the test equipment and splicers A.I. uses are rigorously maintained, re-calibrated and inspected on a regular schedule to ensure the highest quality splices and repairs.