Transmission Planning Design & Implementation

STL’s level of expertise in transport networks is rich and spans from principles and design, equipment selection, installation and configuration, project management to testing, commissioning and operation of transmission links. STL recognizes the sensitivity in deploying a reliable transmission infrastructure to manage a network, and goes an extra mile to ensure that this reliability is achieved at minimal cost.

STL offers the following transmission engineering services;

  • Design and implement microwave point to point networks: long or short haul.
  • Evaluate loss/attenuation, fading and fading margins, quality, availability and interference analysis.
  • Microwave Link engineering.
  • Line of Sight survey.
  • Site Selection and Technical Site Survey.
  • Perform expert testing from design stage through acceptance, ATP.
  • Frequency and capacity planning.
  • Installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of equipment.
  • Path creation and cross connection of E1 to BSC.
  • Experienced on Harris, Ericsson and Stratex radio in flat, hilly, hot, dry and humid terrain.